How To Know If You Need To Replace Your Air Duct System

Holding an air duct inspection at least once annually is a great idea to consider. Homeowners must ensure that the air ducts in their air conditioners haven’t undergone any damage and don’t have contaminants. 


This improves air quality with the overall effectiveness of the HVAC system. Although it is always a great idea to have these ducts inspected professionally annually, various basic maintenance steps can be performed on your own.

Catching any issues before it turns heavy can ultimately save more money on the repairs and other maintenance works. This keeps the number of professional HVAC inspections less. Let’s find out how you can inspect air ducts for any leakages to ensure maximum cleanliness.


How To Check Your Air Duct System For Any Damages


For this task homeowners require some basic tools such as some rags, a digital camera, a flashlight (or smartphones with flash). Also, you’ll want a few HVC aluminum foil tapes or mastic sealants (specifically meant for the ductwork) on hand in case you want to seal leakage.


Turn on the air conditioning system and feel air duct connections for leakages. Your hands should be wet for adding sensitivity for the ability to feel air leaks. Also, you can test for leaks through an incense stick or thin toilet paper. When the paper sticks to or blows away from the area where two metal pieces get joined together, you’ll get leakage.

Also for inspecting ducts you should check the insulation around the HVAC ducts to rule out any possibility of damage like damp spots, mold, or torn pieces. The wet area indicates blockages with the concern of indoor air quality, which can mean that the section has to be cleaned.


The Importance Of Getting A Professional Duct Cleaner


Most homeowners are aware of the importance of regular maintenance of working HVAC parts 


– the evaporator, the blower, the condenser, and the furnace – they often don’t realize that it is also important to have frequent cleaning and maintenance. In such situations, the best bet is hiring HVAC professionals”. Let’s understand why it is recommended to go invest to leave the cleaning tasks to the professionals.

Besides lint and dust accumulated in the duct system, many creepy crawlers take up residence. Without the availability of the right tools and safety equipment, the DIY part turns tricky for doing a thorough cleaning job without endangering themselves to any extent. Only for such reason, it is recommended for a homeowner to retain the services of a specialist duct cleaning company. 

Here the best ones would be quite affordable and provide a guarantee for the job.


How To Decide If You Need To Replace Your Air Duct System


With passing time it is common for the air ducts to get contaminated heavily with mold, dust, and other debris, or they also show signs of severe damage. It can be quite difficult to clean the ductwork efficiently which is soiled heavily and its replacement would be the best thing to do.


Replacement of the HVAC system with a new one would be the best choice when the air ducts are contaminated heavily with mold, dust along with other debris, or they’re showing any signs of severe damage. Thus, it would be quite difficult to clean the ductwork efficiently which is soiled heavily, and in such case replacing it with a new one would be the need of the hour.


Air ducts also last for a lot of years when they care in the right manner. However, regular cleaning of air ducts through a specialist HVAC contract or is necessary for the prevention of potentially expensive replacement.


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