Plumbing Video Inspections

Plumbing Video Inspections

Plumbing video inspections

Plumbing video inspections are a great way to detect plumbing problems in a quick and efficient manner. Depending on how many pipes you need to inspect, and how accessible they are, they can take as little as half an hour. They are also quick and easy to use. Moreover, the cost of plumbing video inspections is very reasonable. Plumber near you


Plumbing video inspections may be needed to diagnose problems in sewer systems, but these procedures aren’t cheap. In general, plumbers charge between $125 and $225 per camera inspection. Some companies charge less than this amount, while others charge more. The cost of a video inspection can be higher if the sewer system is long, as it may require specialist services.

Sewer line inspections are typically requested if a property owner suspects there is a blockage. In these cases, a plumbing video inspection is the best solution, and is a more cost-effective solution than DIY sewer unblocking methods. Despite the low price, however, it’s difficult to do a thorough inspection of a long sewer line with a small, handheld video inspection unit. A plumber will need special equipment and experience, and most consumer-grade video cameras are not long enough to reach deeper sewer lines.


Video inspections are an excellent way to prevent problems in the future. The use of cameras allows plumbers to see what they can’t see with the naked eye. It also helps them diagnose the problems better. Video inspections can also help them prevent future damage by catching problems before they become larger.

A plumbing video inspection can save you a lot of time and money. A plumber can use these videos to see the exact location of the problem and then fix it. It’s a simple process that can give you peace of mind.

Self-righting cameras

Plumbing video inspections can be performed by using a self-righting camera to see inside the pipes. This technology makes it much easier for customers to follow along with video instructions. The camera is also equipped with a light so it can be used in the dark. Most sewer video inspection cameras are priced at around $199 for a residential cleanout and $299 for a commercial cleanout.

The camera is waterproof and has a diameter of 0.9 inches (23mm). It can be used in sewer pipes between 1 and 8 inches (25 – 200mm). The camera can be placed on a flexible rod that is pushed through the sewer. Since the camera is waterproof, it’s easy to place in a sewer pipe.

Location of problem

Plumbing video inspections are a great way to identify the source of a plumbing problem. These inspections are less invasive than excavation and can find leaks, cracks, and collapsed pipes. They can even detect when a pipe is offset due to ground shift. They can also detect the buildup of waste in the pipe.

Plumbing video inspections use a waterproof video camera to examine the plumbing system. The camera can show the exact location of a problem in real time. Companies such as Master Plumbing & Mechanical use this technology. A high-resolution camera attached to a flexible rod is inserted into the pipe, allowing the technician to see the entire interior of the pipe and pinpoint the problem’s location.

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